Why do I create this blog?

I got some emails from people who have read my thesis (finished in 2008).

I also got many emails from new researchers & students to ask questions about using grounded theory after they read my article.

One common thing is that they cannot get enough help about how to undertake a grounded theory research study either from their supervisors or from their colleagues. 

I'm not doing research projects and also not using grounded theory at present. However, I'm happy to help and share my experience and understanding if I am able to. Thus, I set up this blog to discuss grounded theory research and share a collection of resources related to this research approach. It's an individual blog and not related to any organisations or institutions. 

You may find some useful information about grounded theory from my old blog. Some of my opinions on my old blog and here may be limited and biased. I wish you review all types of grounded theory literature with an open mind and justify your approach to interpreting your data.

The collection includes books, articles, book reviews, videos, training courses and various online resources related to grounded theory. I list book chapters about grounded theory in a couple of blog entries. These chapters are in books that are not titled "grounded theory". If the title of a book contains "grounded theory", I categorise the book by its year and do not list any relevant chapters in it again.