Question about symbolic interactionism and grounded theory

What is symbolic interactionism in grounded theory? 

Grounded Theory is informed by the pragmatism and has the ideas of the symbolic interactionist. I quote Parker & Roffey (1997, pp.216-217) and Denzin (1989, p.5) statements here to let you see the connections between Symbolic interactionism and Grounded theory.

  • Interacting individuals produce and define their own definitions of a situation;
  • People can engage in self-reflexive behaviour (i.e. assessing the contextual meaning of their own actions and reactions), and
  • humans interact with each other in negotiating a poisition in relation to each other.
  • Interactionists regard (observation of) human interaction as their basic source of date
  • Grounded thoery includes data sources such as interviews, written reports and documents that relate to the research phenomenon.

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