Grounded theory ideas in Richards' book

It is worthwhile of reading the book below. Richards (2005: 143) stated some key points of how you should conclude your research validity.
The log you built up since the beginning of the project recording at each step why it was taken, what ere the alternatives and why rejects, and what then you saw as the likely results for the final project.
Archived models from the early stages show what you think is going on.
Archived copies of catalogues of ideas created at different stages.
Meanwhile, the author (2005: 134-135) mentioned the "discovery" feeling, which is the "Aha" moment.
Don't wait for the 'aha', as it probably will not happen, and don't feel cheated if it doesn't."
Richards, L. (2005). "Handling Qualitative Data: A Practical Guide". London: Sage.

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