A "good" code

A code may be changed later over the process of your research. However, it doesn't mean you can name it without pondering it. With same data, different people may identify different labels, but some are "good" and some are "bad". Please bear in mind what you need to consider when you are coding.

Glaser (1998) and Locke (2001: 69) suggested to ask these questions when you do coding:
  • What is happening?
  • What is basic problem faced by the actors here?
  • What category or what aspect of a category does this incident suggest?
  • What does this incident suggest this is a theory of?
Again, 5 elements of a "good" code suggested by Bryne (2001):
  • a label
  • a definition of what the theme concerns
  • a description of how to know when the theme occurs
  • a description of nay qualifications or exclusions to the identification of the theme
  • examples, both positive and negative

Bryne, M. (2001). "Data analysis strategies for qualitative research-Research Corner", AORN Journal. Dec, 2001.
Locke, K.D. (2001). Grounded theory in management research. London: Sage.

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