Questions about my thesis

On Appendix 15, you identify "online identity" as category and "traceability of identity", "anonymity" and "balance between online identity and real identity" as properties. 

When I go on page 287, you put "perception" as a property of "online identity" and the dimension - "true self". I was expecting the previous property to be repeated here.

For example for How - you mention "anonymity" as category.

On p.287, there are some examples of open coding at the Anchoring/Centring stages (which is a way of explaining how I conducted Grounded Theory as an approach). They are stage results. On pp.279-285, it gives the full list of codes that I had at the end and how I put them into categories/dimensions/properties that Grounded Theory requires (it also meams the categories were considered saturated). They are final codes.

If you read Chapter 3 carefully (particularly 3.3.3), you will see that a code related to a piece of data may be changed many times before it's saturated. With the process of data collection and analysis, I needed to add analysis into my interpretation of a code that I defined at the begining and I needed to add analysis explanation when I did each change (these are memos). For example, I found "Online identity" is emerged in my data and I defined it as a cateogry. If it is a category, it may have properties/dimensions/subcategories. Then I compared my data and codes and see which can be justified as properties/dimensions/subcategories or if they cannot, I categoried them as a single code for later data comparasion. "Anonymity" was categorised as a "How" subcategory of "Online identity". But later I realised that "How"/"What"/"When" suggested by Strauss and Corbin is used to help clarify the relationship between codes in detail. I then put "Anonymity" as a conceptual level code which became a property on p.279. Similarly, some other codes on p.287. I might either drop/rename, combine them into another code at a conceptual level, or left them as an open code at a textual level.

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