Questions about coding in GT (1)

What is really code? I mean only events or objects or both. When I read it seem to code only codes. After coding, you generate a category and take some code as property of category. Can I say a sub category is a property of the main category?

Yes, a code is just a label. However, a good code defines of what the theme concerns, describes of the theme occures and examples both positive and negative. As codes are developed, it is useful to write memos known as code notes that discuss the codes. When you try to explain the code and why you named it, you will have the meaning of it rather than just a piece of code!

Which approach you follow: Glaser's or Strauss&Corbin's or others? With the coding method developed by different authors' approach, you may follow different coding process as each of them has its own ceriteria for coding and categerising. 
In some cases, a sub category may be developed to be a property of a core category. But it's not all the case. A code can belong to more than one concept. Similarly, at the next analysis level, a concept may contribute to and belong to several categories.  
I try to recall how I understood the codes, categories, properties, process, dimensions... Many notes in my handbooks in different dates. This may be an example of how I started (a memo on 09/May/2007). 

After read an article by Carlson and McCaslin (2003), I jotted down my understanding about their research and drew a diagram for myself.

Carlson, N.M. & McCaslin, M. (2003). "Meta-Inquiry: an approach to interview success". The Qualitative Report, 8 (4), 549-569.

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