Grounded theory in dissertations & theses - Education (2007)

Edwards, K.E. (2007). 'Putting my man face on': A grounded theory of college men's gender identity development. PhD, Univeresity of Maryland.

Leonard, B.J.B. (2007). Integrative learning as a developmental process: A grounded theory of college students' experiences in Integrative Studies. PhD, Univeresity of Maryland.

Norman, W.G. (2007). A grounded theory of software process improvement model adoption. EdD, West Virginia University.

Reinhard, T. (2007). A grounded theory investigation of change leadership during turbulent times. EdD, Northern Illinois University.

Supple, B.L. (2007). 'Life as a gyroscope': Creating a grounded theory model for full-time working mothers in higher education administration developing and maintaining a fulfilling, balanced life. PhD, Univeresity of Maryland.

Weisman, J.L. (2007). The same and different: A grounded theory of the experiences of college students who have a sibling with a developmental disability. PhD, Univeresity of Maryland.

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